The UK Wife Carrying Race

The Nower, Dorking

10.30am, Sunday 17 March 2024

Twitter: #ukwifecarryingrace

Video of the 16th UK Wife Carrying Race, 17 March 2024

Fantastic photos of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2024 from Steven McCormick - Password trionium24 - For free download

Position Time Number Partners Town
1 02:06 15 Stuart Johnson & Hattie Cronin Woking
2 02:15 5 Tobias Chesser & Katherine Heylen Reigate
3 02:23 10 Jack Harrison & Leah Sheard Wetherby
4 02:40 23 Jack O'Toole & Peta Fox London
5 02:57 27 James Sexton & Emma Phelan London
6 03:02 29 Richard Walden & Clare Pitt Guildford
7 03:22 26 Chris Reynolds & Freya Reynolds Redhill
8 03:37 1 Iker Azcona Loinaz & Kamila Smyk London
9 03:37 31 Sophie Morgan-Shorts & Johnny Tang ?
10 03:46 30 Gordon Lilly & Angie Lilly ?
11 04:12 18 Robert McCaffrey & Claire Whittaker Ashtead
12 04:13 21 Gaz Morris & Heather Paterson Guildford
13 04:43 16 Anagha Krishnan & Anagha Kirishnan Oxford
14 04:46 19 Tyler McCarthy & Linh Pham Oxford
15 04:59 3 Ariel Bolin & Ariel Bolin Glendale
16 05:10 2 Luke Beal & Jennie Beal West Molesey
17 05:42 22 Stephen Newell & Laragh McIntosh Market Drayton

Cracking video of the start and splash zone!

Steve Rencontre's photos of the UK wife Carrying Race 2024

Wife carrying can be a dangerous activity, which can lead to any one or more of the following injuries: slipped disk, broken legs and arms, limb dislocations, neck and spinal damage, facial injury, skull fracture, hernias, and other sundry injuries and illnesses, and potentially including death.

But please don't let this put you off!

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Run over a course of 380m, with 15m of ascent and 15m of descent. VERY TOUGH!

The UK Wife Carrying Race 2011 was named the UK's Top Adventure Race by Runner's World (February 2012) and was runner up in 2012.

Wife carrying originated in the UK over twelve centuries ago, on 8 June 793AD, when Viking raiders rampaged into Lindisfarne on the northeast coast of what is now England, destroying the monastery and carrying off any unwilling local wenches. Such wife carrying (-off) continued intermittently for around 300 years. Wife Carrying was re-introduced into the UK by the UK Wife Carrying Race in 2008, after an absence from these shores of nearly 900 years.

HQ: The Priory School , West Bank, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 3DG

How they do it abroad.... (BBC video)

Homepage of World Championships (Finland)

How to be a Master wife carrier

UK Wife Carrying Race Rules

Only the carrier has to enter the race.

Males or females carry a 'wife' (who must be alive, human, at least 18 years old, can be male or female, and does not need to be the carrier's wife). All those carried must wear a helmet.

There is a weigh-in prior to the start: All 'wives' must weigh at least 50kg. Anyone under-weight will be obliged to wear a rucksack filled with tins of flour, water or similar to bring them to the required weight.

All entrants will start off at the same time, and the first over the line is the winner.

Obstacles and water hazards will be included. Spectators are encouraged to attend with their own water-pistols and buckets of water to staff the 'Splash Zone' (return leg only - something for the competitors to look forward to!).

The winner of the UK Wife Carrying Race will win a barrel of local Ale (worth £150).

The first-placed British finishers will win £250 towards their expenses in representing Britain and competing in the World Wife Carrying Championships in Finland in July.*

Last placed finishers receive the ceremonial Pot Noodle and dog food.

The carrier who completes the course with the heaviest wife will win a pound of sausages (for strength) and a ceremonial pat on the back from the other carriers.

The oldest carrier will receive the tin of pilchards and jar of Bovril, 'you know, from before the war.'

You can use any one of the many recognised holds: bridal carry, piggy-back, shoulder-ride, fireman's carry (across the shoulders), the well-recognised and very fast Estonian Hold (wife hangs upside-down on man's back, legs crossed in front of the man's face) or the not-so-fast but unique Dorking Hold (the reverse Estonian).

*Winners of the UK race who go on to become participants in the World Wife Carrying Championships in Finland are requested to provide a write-up and photos to the UK race.

"Do you like Dorking?" "I don't know, you naughty boy, I've never tried!"


UK Wife Carrying Race 2023

The 15th UK Wife Carrying Race has taken place in Dorking, Surrey, on 5 March 2023, and featured 17 couples from the UK and abroad, including from Finland, Belgium and Lithuania. One couple from Belfast were in town for a friend's wedding, and decided that they would have a go at wife-carrying themselves.

The UK Wife Carrying Race was a titanic battle between previous winners, and near-winners. Rangy and bearded American John Lund had previously won the third contest, back in 2010, in a time of 1:47, and was clearly pumped-up to try and win it again, fully 13 years later. Last year's winners in 2:04, Alex Bone and his wife-carrying partner Millie Burnham, both of whom had travelled to Finland to take part in the world championships but had pulled out through injury, had come back to Dorking to see if they could redeem themselves and win another trip to Finland. Also among the contenders in this year's race was Vytautas and Neringa Kirkliauskiene from Lithuania, who had actually won the World Wife Carrying Championships in 2018 and 2019, being beaten by 0.5 seconds in 2022, and who had previously finished second and third in Dorking - back to try and win the UK race for the first time.

All three sprinted away at the start, and John Lund took an early lead, although it was Alex Bone and Millie who were in the lead at the half way point, 200m into the race, and 15m up the hill. However, as Vytautas recounted afterwards, "Alex seemed to slow down on the descent, and I went into overdrive." Pumping his arms and letting out an almost Viking-like war cry as he crossed the line, Vytautas and Neringa Kirkliauskiene from Lithuania, became the UK Wife Carrying Champions at the third attempt, in a time of 1:52. They win a barrel of local ale, and eternal fame for their perseverance!

Steve Rencontre's excellent photos of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2023

Fantastic film by Britclip of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2023

Film of the end of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2023

UK Wife Carrying Race 2023 on the Daily Mail website

UK Wife Carrying Race 2023 - Results below

Time   First name Last name Age Wife town
01:52 10 Vytautas Kirkliauskas 43 Neringa Kirkliauskiene Marijampole-Lithuania
01:56 12 John Lund 46 Stefanie Weisseisen-Lund Tampere, Finland
02:15 2 Alex Bone 36 Millie Barnham Betchworth
02:18 16 George Schreuder 28 Kasia Haywood Bristol
02:20 7 James Holden 41 Rosseline Holden Manchester
02:22 4 Peter Edmondson 24 Amy Small London
02:26 17 Sebastian Shimmings 26 Helen Turner-Smyth Sutton Veny
02:30 19 Elias Vanhaverbeke 27 Mien Verstraete Zillebeke, Belgium
02:40 22 Jason Mott 36 Jane Foster Guildford
02:59 9 Andrew Jones 52 Emma Jones Exmouth
03:02 8 Adam Jasko 30 Emma Campbell Crawley
03:06 20 Bill Wild 56 Monica-Gabriela Tudor Guildford
03:11 11 Gordon Lilly 54 Angie Lilly London
03:55 5 Dan Genders 38 Charlotte Genders Birmingham
03:58 18 Frank Stone 61 Michele Nixon Crawley
04:07 21 Lewis Teer 36 Katie Teer Belfast
04:17 1 Luke Beal 48 Jennie Beal West Molesey
04:40 6 Joel Hicks 43 Joelene - The Dog Hinckley


UK Wife Carrying Race 2023


UK Wife Carrying Race 2022

Well done to our intrepid wife and wife-carriers in 2022 - you did a good job of bringing our race back to brilliant life!

Fantastic UK Wife Carrying Race photos by Steve Rencontre

Our photos of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2022 (photo credit Joe Spraggins)

Congratulations to Alex Bone (35) carrying Millie Burnham, winners of this year's race (they plan to compete in the World Wife Carrying Championships in Finland in July).

UK WCR in the Basildon, Canvey and Southend Echo...

UK Wife Carrying Race on MailOnline

Great video on MailOnline

Full-length video of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2022

Position Time Number First name Last name Carrier Age Wife' full name Club
1 02:04 5 Alex Bone 35 Millie Barnham  
2 02:28 11 James Holden 40 Rosseline Salford lads club
3 02:31 17 Sebastian Shimmings 26 Helen Turner-Smyth  
4 02:39 16 George Schreuder 27 Kasia Haywood Clifton Running CLub
5 02:43 1 Karim Amer - Mrs Amer  
6 03:02 12 Adam Jasko - Emma Campbell  
7 03:05 23 Jenni Gilbert 39 Jenni Gilbert  
8 03:23 9 Justin Haigh 42 Lisa Murray  
9 03:24 3 Joshu Basey 30 Jessie Evans  
10 03:34 8 Nicholas Elvidge 29 Jessica Elvidge  
11 03:41 21 Alex Marr 35 Kathryn Skelton  
12 04:16 4 Luke Beal 48 Jennie Beal  
13 04:28 6 Kurtis Charnock 27 Trang Tran  
14 04:56 22 Genevieve Elliott 28 Genevieve Elliott  
15 05:02 24 Ethan Maddison 24 Max Kirrane GiveMeSport
16 05:05 10 Joel Hicks 43 Robert McCaffrey Always With A Smile


The 13th UK Wife Carrying Race

10.30am Saturday 29 February 2020

Wow - what a day! What a deluge!

The UK Wife Carrying Race 2020 was specifically organised on 29th February, a Saturday, to encourage ladies to take the opportunity to propose to their partners: In the end there were no proposals, (what a traditional bunch!) but a lot of exhausting fun was had by all. As the race countdown began, the rain started, and it became heavier and heavier as the race was run. As the front-runners reached the half-way point at the top of course, a mighty clap of thunder reverberated overhead. 30 couples took part including friends Alexander and Gavin, partners Amy and Rosie and Cousie from Ghent carrying his wife Inge (who happens to be paraplegic, and who loved the race). Just as the last finishers completed the course, a massive hail-storm soaked runners and spectators alike, so that the prize-giving was held in the race HQ - which was quite civilised!

The course was a little different from usual, with no hay bale hurdles, and also with a distinct 'kink' to avoid the runners carrying their 'wives' on muddy and sideways-sloping ground, for safety reasons.

Congratulations to David Threlfall and Cassie Yates for winning this year's race!

Full results below.

See photos of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2020 (for free use)

UK Wife Carrying Race 2020 on the Daily Mail

UK Wife Carrying Race 2020 on Sky News

Below: Nice UK Wife Carrying Race 2020 video by Dave Painter

Below: Our video of the start, turnaround and finish video of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2020

In 2020 one of our athletes posted the following advertisements, looking for a 'wife':

"Athletic 20 something man searching for a slim to modest build "wife" with a taste for adventure and strong inner thighs. Willing to experiment with positions! Looking for a short to medium term platonic relationship built on trust. Must be happy to be carried some distance in the UK Wife Carrying Race and be free on leap day - 29th February NON NEGOTIABLE. Can offer serenading services and a beer in return. Potential wives should apply in writing stating weight, t shirt size, medical history, any previous experience and favourite position to yours truly by St Valentine's Day. Successful candidates will be invited for an informal dinner including blood check, sanity screening (you must be insane) and test run. Warm regards, your potential future husband (for a day only!)"

PS: He found a wife... an actual wife!

UK Wife Carrying Race 2020 Video from Phil Rubin - Captures the atmosphere very well!

UK Wife Carrying Race 2020: Results

Position Wife Carrier Age 'Wife' Town
1 Mark Threlfall 31 Cassie Yates Bradford-on-Avon
2 Jack Mccarthy 29 Teija Wynn Eccles
3 James Holden 30 Rosseline Manchester
4 Mike John 40 Charlie John Clarbeston road
5 James Shore 25 Becky Hodgson Faringdon
6 Dan Marshall 26 Beth Thayne London
7 Richard Parker 27 Rebecca Glanville Slough
8 Peter Lowry 29 Claire Whittaker Barking
9 Michael Orwin 24 Jennifer Carter Lincoln
10 Alexander Millen 28 Gavin Budd London
11 Philip Rubin 34 Sasha Marie Woods Edenbridge
12 Justin Thornberry 42 Marieka Thornberry Liverpool
13 Andrew Jones 49 Emma Jones Exmouth
14 Richard Enderby 36 Heather Ratcliffe Hever
15 Gaz Morris 39 Heather Paterson Guildford
16 Daniel Kozinski 45 Zaneta Juda Liverpool
17 Joel Hicks 41 Monica Rodas Hinckley
18 Chris Kempton 34 Jen Hunt Tonbridge
19 George Walters 40 Laura Walters Haverfordwest
20 Craig Hall 35 Sally Hall Cranbrook
21 Cosie Goudesone 30 Inge Blockmans Ghent
22 George Bradley 25 Angharad Oxford
23 David Rogers 41 Leah Wright Worthing
24 Samuel Ealey 23 Charlotte Wellman Wiltshire
25 Nicholas Elvidge 27 Jessica Simmonds London
26 Randall Geary 24 Sabrina Kidlington
27 Luke Beal 45 Jennie Beal West Molesey
28 Cullum Ross 35 Angharad Ross Reading
29 Josh Rogers 27 Sarah Caroline Buck Manchester
30 Amy Dare 36 Rosie Staples  


UK Wife Carrying Race participant starts wife-carrying race in Colombia: 'Cargando la esposa'

Monica Rodas, a Colombian several-times competitor in the UK Wife Carrying Race, organised the first ever 'Cargando la Esposa' in Colombia on 21st September 2019 - a race that continues to this day.


The 12th UK Wife Carrying Race

10.30am 3 March 2019

The Nower, Dorking


Congratulations to newly-crowned UK Wife -Carrying Champions and newly-engaged Chris Hepworth and Tanisha Prince!

Chris Lamb and Becky Lamb's race write-up 2019 - so close!

Steve Rencontre's photos UK Wife Carrying Race 2019

Steve Rencontre's UK Wife Carrying Race/Leith Hill Half 2019 Photo-Story

View Dave Painter's excellent video of the (soggy) day

UK Wife Carrying Race 2019 on Surrey Live

UK Wife Carrying in the Daily Mail

Great video from NVT Russia on the UKWife Carrying Race 2019 (in Russian!)

Some guys called Zac and Jay posted a video about the UK Wife Carrying Race 2019

Wife Carrying Race auf Deutschland...


Above: That's how we roll... in Dorking. Nick Elvidge carries Jess Simmonds in the Dorking Hold (also known as the Reverse Estonian Hold) at the UK Wife Carrying Race, Dorking, 3 March 2019. TOTAL RESPECT!

Below: UK Wife Carrying Race 2019 results

Position Number First name Last name Age 'Wife' (the person being carried) full name From
1 10 Chris Hepworth 28 Tanisha Prince West Drayton
2 16 Chris Lambert   Rebecca Lamb  
3 8 Peter Gornall 27 Solveig Oma London
4 37 Dave Williams 41 Michelle Gibbs Devon
5 27 Richard Parker 26 Rebecca Glanville Slough
6 20 Nicola Maguire 40 Nicola Maguire Alderley edge
7 23 Michael Miller 27 Naomi Walters Nottingham
8 9 William Hall   Becky Hodgson  
9 5 Paulo Da Silva 39 Natalja Sujetina Gillingham
10 15 Tarran Kent-Hume 33 Stacey Cowen London
11 29 Nick Pisacano 32 Christie Pisacano London
12 28 Jonathan Pinder 39 Shelley hughes York
13 12 Jeremy Holmes 56 Louise McKee Dinas Powys
14 17 Griff Lambert 34 Beth Lambert Seattle
15 4 Maria Burton 38 Maria Cardiff
16 24 Gaz Morris 38 Heather Paterson Guildford
17 32 Daniel Rodas 33 Monica Rodas Esher
18 26 James Parker 26 Meghan clarkson Thornton-cleveleys
19 14 Andrew Jones 48 Emma Jones Exmouth
20 6 Nick Elvidge   Jess Simmonds  
21 21 Robert McCaffrey 51 Claire Whittaker Ashtead
22 19 Megan Lennox 44 Jan Wan Surrey
23 35 David Servat 46 Dena Emonds Bigby
25 36 David Webster 27 Rebecca Webster Staines-Upon-Thames
26 33 Jaime Rodas 33 Cristina Hatfield
27 30 Jamie Rawsthorne 24 Max Fosh London
28 7 Dan Genders 34 Charlotte Genders Birmingham
29 11 Joel Hicks 40 Joelene Hicks Leicestershire
30 22 Mike Meakin 55 Karen Usher Harrogate
No position recorded 1 Zac Alsop 23 Simone Stewart London
No position recorded 3 Luke Beal 44 Jennie Beal Surrey
No position recorded 34 Tom Scott 30 Tom Scott Milford


The 11th UK Wife Carrying Race

8 April 2018

Tough conditions in 2018 - slippery when wet!

UK Wife Carrying Race 2018 on the BBC

Dave Painter's excellent film of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2018

Steve Rencontre's great photos of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2018

Movie of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2018 on ITV's This Morning

Tim Elsey's nice short video of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2018

UK Wife Carrying Race 2018 on Australian TV

Video of UK Wife Carrying Race 2018 (Kingston Courier)

UK Wife Carrying Race movie on Euronews (inc. footage of spectacular winner's dive over the line)


Race report: In wet and slippery conditions, around 40 couples took part in the 11th UK Wife Carrying Race, with participants from around the UK, as well as from the US and Lithuania. About half-a-dozen 'contenders' had a good chance of winning, but the conditions did not suit everyone. In fourth place was multiple North American Wife Carrying champion John Lund and his partner Paris Deesing. In third place was Vytautas Kirkliauskas and his partner Neringa Kirkliauskiene, from Lithuania, making their third attempt at the title and narrowly missing out. In second place was Chris Lamb and partner Rebecca Lamb, another multiple entrant and very unlicky not to carry off the trophy. However, holding off a strong challenge from the other competitors and literally diving over the line for the win, were British couple Chris Hepworth and partner Tanisha Prince from West Drayton, London, in a new course record of 1:37. Chris and Tanisha have vowed to take part in the World Wife Carrying Championships in Finland in July, and the organisers reckon that they have a good chance of a very good placing. We wish them luck!

Maximum respect to Oliver Elliott and his wife Jodie: Oliver slipped just after the half-way point, putting an arm out to break his fall. Not knowing that he had actually dislocated his shoulder ("I thought I just had a dead arm," he said), Jodie re-mounted, and they continued on to complete the course, finally finishing in fifth place. Oliver then realised that he had a bit more than a 'dead arm' and was treated by medics at the scene. His wife drove him to the local A&E department in Epsom Hospital, where "the medics popped it back in," according to Oliver. The arm and shoulder will be immobilised for a couple of weeks and will take a few months to fully heal. Despite his injury, Oliver is totally up for competing again at the UK Wife Carrying Race - "It was a great day out and a brilliant laugh," he said.

2018 Wife Carrying Race results below

Race update, 19.44, Sunday 8 April:

Direct from Christopher Burke, the husband who slipped and fell in the race, onto his wife Kate Burke, both from Sutton Coldfield: Kate sustained ligament damage and bruising, but she will be okay once she’s rested.

The conditions out on the course were slippery today, and there was an unusual accident where a woman was hurt after her partner slipped on a path of mud and accidentally fell backwards onto her. She was treated by specialisesd medics at the site of the accident, and was taken to a local hospital on a spinal board. She has undergone tests and treatment is ongoing. The organisers wish her a speedy recovery.

Robert McCaffrey, race organiser, said "I was running in the race myself, and found it very hard going, with some slippery areas after this morning’s rain. They were very unlucky to slip and even unluckier to sustain an injury. All partners being carried are required under the race rules to wear a crash helmet, and all competitors are warned that wife carrying - although supposed to be fun - is a potentially dangerous activity."

Epilogue: Wife dropped on her head by her husband during the Wife Carrying Race has fogiven him (Daily Mail)

Below: Results 2018

Position Number Carrier Carried Town
10 36 MONICA RODAS PARTNER Kingston upon Thames
21 44 NIKKI LUCAS Mr Nikki Lucas  
27 46 NIK SPEAKMAN Eva Speakman ITV-land
29 45 DAVID BRAILSFORD Mrs Brailsford  
30 30 ROZ MALIK PARTNER Saffron Walden
No position recorded 14 DARRAN FORD NATALIE ASPELL Epsom
No position recorded 15 JAMES FOREMAN CANNELLE LOIZEAU Walton
No position recorded 37 JUSTIN SCHALL EMILY BOIG London
Retired injured 6 CHRISTOPHER BURKE KATE BURKE Sutton Coldfield



The 10th UK Wife Carrying Race

10.30am 5 March 2017

The 10th UK Wife Carrying Race 2017 has taken place in Dorking Surrey, with 35 couples from all over the UK and even from South Africa and Australia taking part.

The winner of the ‘pound of sausages, for strength’ for carrying the heaviest ‘wife’ (82kg) was Kieran Hughes, who also received, with his partner Tracey Alder, the traditional 'Bombay Bad Boy’ Pot Noodle and tin of Winnalot dog food for coming last. Race organiser Robert McCaffrey won a tin of pilchards and a jar of Bovril for being the oldest wife-carrier in the race, at a youthful 49.

The winners of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2017 were Jack McKendrick (23) of Pilgrim Fitness, Abergele, carrying his partner Kirsty Jones, both coming from their home in North Wales especially for the event. They have pledged to travel to Finland in the summer to represent the UK in the World Wife Carrying Championships. Chris and Kirsty Lamb were unlucky to finish second for the second year in a row (by just a second!), but have written a great UK Wife Carrying Race write-up on

Great film by Dave Painter of Reuters of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2017

UK Wife Carrying Race 2017 on the BBC

Steve Rencontre's photos of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2017

Trionium's photos of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2017 on Flikr

UK Wife Carrying Race 2017 in The Sun

Daily Mail Online report on UK Wife Carrying Race 2017 with excellent photos

(The Daily Mail says that this is the 'Most gloriously un-PC sporting event in Britain' - what rubbish! We welcome everyone - from home and abroad, in ALL gender combinations of carrier and 'wife,' married or not, younger and older, lighter and heavier and whether fit or no so fit. This is probably the most 'PC' race in Britain!)

Organiser's helmet-cam video of the race and prize-giving of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2017 (uploading to YouTube)

Another UK Wife Carrying Race 2017 video

BT''s Alternative take on the UK Wife Carrying Race 2017

UK Wife Carrying Race 2017 in the Surrey Mirror

Discussion thread on UK Wife Carrying Race 2017 (Runner's World)

UK Wife Carrying Race 2017

Above: Eventual winners Jack McKendrick (No. 21), carrying his wife Kirsty Jones, neck-and-neck with fellow competitors at the hay-bale hurdles at the UK Wife Carrying Race 2017 in dorking, Surrey.


The 9th UK Wife Carrying Race - 2016

Well done to all finishers - that was a tough one!

Our UK Wife Carrying Race 2016 photos - can be used with credit to Gaz Davies/UK Wife Carrying Race

Steve Rencontre's photos of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2016

UK Wife Carrying Race write-up by Chris Lamb (runner-up 2016)

UK Wife Carrying Race on Get Surrey

UK Wife Carrying Race 2016 discussion

30 couples took part in this year's UK Wife Carrying Race, including entrants from Italy, the USA and South Africa, as well as couples from many parts of Britain who had travelled specifically to Dorking, Surrey, for the race. Two previous winners of the race were carrying wives once again, although this year's sixth placed finishers Tom and Kirsty Wilmot had a good reason for not winning this year - they have had two children since they last won.

The race was competitive this year, with fast times recorded in good conditions. However, America's Jonathan Schwochert (27) and Charlotte Xiong, second-time winners of the UK Wife Carrying Race, triumphed over the field in style, romping home with a 20 second lead over the next place finishers, and setting a new course record of 1:40. They say that they will be heading back to Finland to have a second attempt to win the World Championships - and with form like this, we think that they will have a good chance! (Post script - they didn't make it to Finland - maybe next time?)


Joel Hicks, who astonished spectators in 2015 by carrying a 27-stone, 7' 4" friend called 'Tiny', once again enthralled onlookers by carrying TWO 'wives' - when one is usually enough for any man. He finished dead last, and as a non-drinker awarded the beer kegs to his female companions, but instead was awarded the 'Bombay Bad Boy' Pot Noodle and tin of 'Winnalot' dog food as last placed finisher.


Joel Hicks' fantastic video of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2016 - two-wives, a must-see!


Tony Harris, a stripling of a mere 54, won a jar of Bovril ('You know, from before the war') for being the oldest carrier to finish the race, while Scott Wallace was awarded the pound of sausages, 'for strength,' for carrying the heaviest wife in the race.

Below: Splash Zone action (photo credit Steve Rencontre/ Click on image for full sized version

UK Wife Carrying Race


Splash Zone Carnage at the Wife Carrying Race 2016:

Click on the image below for a full-resolution download: Credit: Rob Irving,

UK Wife Carrying Race 2016


The 8th UK Wife Carrying Race

10.30am March 2015

Trionium UK Wife Carrying Race 2015 discussion

Fantastic video of Joel Hicks carrying 'Tina' in the UK Wife Carrying Race - all 7' 4" (223cm) and 22 stone (140kg) of him!

Fabulous UK Wife Carrying Race 2015 video and winner interview from Bernard Kasparas

2015 UK Wife Carrying Race helmet cam video and prize-giving.

2015 UK Wife Carrying Race Splash Zone and all finishers video

UK Wife Carrying Race 2015 photos (for free use - credit Ian Giles/

Steve Rencontre's fabulous photos - via ftp (mostly for media types...) and Steve's Wife Carrying Race 2015 photos via PhotoBox

Joel Hicks Wife Carrying Photos 2015 - carrying 'Tiny Tina' 140kg (22 stone), 223cm (7'4') and UK Wife Carrying Race write-up in Hinckley Times

Photos and blog by Ellie Hetebrij

Wife Carrying Race photos in the Daily Telegraph

They'll be back - Croydon couple vows to return to the UK Wife Carrying Race and win!

UK Wife Carrying Race on NBC News (US)

UK Wife Carrying Race on 7M News

UK Wife Carrying Race on Get Surrey

UK Wife Carrying Race on Dunya News (Pakistan)

UK Wife Carrying Race video on The Guardian

UK Wife Carrying Race on NowThis News (US)

UK Wife Carrying Race on FoxAtlanta (US)

UK Wife Carrying Race on NBC (US)

UK Wife Carrying Race on NewsNow - Pittsburg (US)

Wife Carrying Indian-style (a very amusing trailer for a Bollywood-style movie with wife-carrying as its climactic finale)

Fantastic weather greeted the 45 couples (a new record) who turned out for the 8th UK wife Carrying Race in Dorking, Surrey, on 8th March 2015. The course is an uphill 190m over hay-bales, followed by a downhill 'sprint' back over the bales but this time being targeted by adults with buckets of water and children with water-pistols. A large crown turned out to watch the fun this year and what fun it was !The 'athletes' sprinted away, hurdling the hay bales, while the rest of the field seemed to take some time to wake up and get into their stride. Once they had warmed up though, some very fast times were recorded, although the fastest of them all was by Jonathon Schwochert (26) originally from the US but now a fully-paid-up Brit, and his partner Charlotte Xiong (51kg), who together beat some very strong challengers and thus become the UK Wife Carrying National Champions. We hope that they will go on to the World Wife Carrying Championships in Finland to challenge for the world title. Jonathan is a kick-boxer who added weights to his usual fitness regime, while the two athletes - who met each other in their native Milwaukee - practiced hard for the race. (Organiser's note - if you want to win this race, that's what you have to do - practice!). On account of their American ancestry, their win was picked up by US media, particularly America's best newspaper, the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel covering the UK Wife Carrying Race 2015. Despite the winners' convincing finish, several other couples exhibited serious athletic skill and show great promise for future years.

John Griffin won the prize for being the oldest carrier to complete the course - his prize was a jar of Bovril, you know, from before the war. Each year a special prize of a pound of sausages ('for strength') is awarded to the carrier of the heaviest wife, while a ceremonial tin of dog food and Pot Noodle ('Bombay Bad Boy' again in 2015) are awarded to the last placed finishers. This year all these prizes went to Joel Hicks and his partner 'Tiny.' Joel is a well-built guy, but he looked tiny himself next to his carrying partner, since 'Tiny' was 7 foot four inches (223cm) and 22 stone (140kg). Joel was nearly crawling when he finally got to the finish line, surrounded by the resounding cheers of the delirious onlookers - worth it though for his charity fund-raising.We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

The 7th UK Wife Carrying Race

10.30am, Sunday 16 March 2014


Gaz Davies' photos of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2014

Steve Rencontre's photos of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2014

More photos of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2014

Kevin Hann's Photos of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2014

Our short video of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2014

Excellent video of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2014

Cojo Films' UK Wife Carrying Race 2014 video

Guardian video of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2014

UK Wife Carrying Race 2014 on CBBC Newsround - so happy to be on John Craven's old programme!

UK Wife Carrying Race on BBC Breakfast + giggles

Write-up and great video of UK Wife Carrying Race 2014 on

Helmet camera (Polaroid XS100) view of the whole of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2014, start to finish, in HD - for free use, credit to

HD video of the hay bales and wate hazards and winner presentation at the UK Wife Carrying Race 2014 - for free use, credit to

The UK Wife Carrying Race 2014 from an Italian point of view (+ photos)

UK Wife Carrying Race 2014 on Italian TV, in Italian

UK Wife Carrying Race 2014 on New Zealand TV

The 7th annual UK Wife Carrying Race 2014 was won by Rich Blake Smith, carrying his 'wife' Anna (55kg), narrowly beating Vytautas Kirkliauskas of Lithuania, carrying his wife (actually his wife) Neringa Kirliauskiene (52kg), and covering the 380m course in only 2 minutes in good-to-firm conditions. Rich Blake Smith showed his early class by strongly hurdling the hay bales, but was pushed hard by the Lithuanian, who had previously placed third at the World Wife Carrying Championships in Finland. However, Chris said, "I felt him on my shoulder at the half way point and just put the pedal down a bit." Enthusiastic dads with buckets of water, aided and abbetted by water-pistol-packing tots saw to it that all competitors got a refreshing soaking. Rich concluded, "He was still nearly with me at the water hazard - they really gave it to us at with the water buckets as the first ones through - but I had him at the hay bale hurdles. I'm really proud and pleased to have won the UK Wife Carrying Race and a national title." All the participants received a mini-keg of Pilgrim real ale, from the Pilgrim Brewery in Reigate, as well as a medal and Wife Carrying t-shirt. The winners won a barrel of ale and £250 toward competing at the World Wife Carrying Championships in Finland in July. Myrienne Amrani carried Herwig Delvaux (they came all the way from Flanders, Belgium), while Chris Haput carried Johanna Gosling - all the way from Germany (you know what I mean). Jack Tappin and Richard Macaulay shared the sausages - for strength - for carrying the heaviest partner, after a dead heat on the weigh-in scales. Race organiser Dr Robert McCaffrey commented, "I took part in the race for the second year running, and it is every bit as tough as billed - you earn your ale. I'm so pleased that we had so many couples turning out to run - a new record of 40 this year - and we all had a fantastic time, mostly laughing our heads off. It is a bizarre race, but you can't help smiling despite the exhaustion. We'll be back again next year, and we're looking forward to it already!"

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"We are looking forward to meet you in England and also to run together with all these beautiful people," Vytautas Kirkliauskas, city of Marijampole, Lithuania.

Competitors from Germany, Lithuania and Belgium already set to attend.

Winner of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2014 Rich Blake Smith and Hannah

Winner of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2014 Rich Blake Smith and Hannah

UK Wife Carrying Race 2014

Splash! Matthew Kay and Rachel Winny get a bucket-full at the UK Wife Carrying Race 2014. Photo by Steve Rencontre.

David Evans and Liz Eustace - Competitors in the UK Wife Carrying Race 2014...

"I have complete Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) from the chest down. I was injured in a road traffic accident in South London while commuting home from work by bicycle. During my rehabilitation at The Duchess of Cornwall Spinal Centre, Salisbury, I first met Liz Eustace, an Occupational Therapy student at Bournemouth University. We stayed in touch and ended up together as a couple."

"Myself and my girlfriend Liz both wanted a challenge for us to train with and saw competing in the UK Wife Carrying Race as the perfect opportunity. We were the first couple to enter the race with one of the two unable to walk. We ran to raise funds for The Back Up Trust. We feel it is important to demonstrate that there is life after SCI, that people are able to be happy and successful in achieving their goals, and that pity should not be the default emotive response to those with SCI."

"The race was the perfect opportunity to do so and also a fantastic experience and brilliant thing to have been involved with. We both loved the humour of the event and will be looking to race again but next time we will roping in some friends!"

6th UK Wife Carrying Race 2013

Well done to everyone who turned out today to run in the snow! I (race director) ran it for the first time and loved it!

Matt Witko and 'wife' Lindsey Finn won in convincing style. National Champions!

Wife Carrying on ITV with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby (June 2013)

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Results 2013

Position No. Firstname Surname Age Team
2 30 SAM TROWBRIDGE 26 Former winners...
4 12 JOHN GRADDON 40  
5 35 DAVID GOULD 30  
6 23 TOBIAS MEWS 35  
7 15 TOM IRVING 27  
10 24 GREGG POWELL 47  
12 34 OWEN WYN-JONES 34  
14 11 NICK GOSLING 48  
15 27 DUNCAN SMITH 29  
23 22 STEPHANIE MCGOVERN 21 BBC - Carrying Mike Bushell (heaviest wife)

The 5th UK Wife Carrying Race

The 5th UK Wife Carrying Race, in Dorking, Surrey, has been won by Tom Wilmott (31) and his (real) wife Kirsty, both of Ipswich, at the second time of trying, in a time of 2:06.

At least two couples didn't make it to the start line on account of becoming pregnant prior to race day.

The race is over a course of 380m, and includes hay bale hurdles and a drenching from spectators armed with buckets of water and water pistols.

Competitors benefit from the inclined course (at least it is 15m downhill in the second half, when your legs are starting to get tired....!)

The winning couple won a barrel of beer, as well as the chance to represent Britain at the World Wife Carrying Championships in Finland in July.

All competitors won mini-kegs of Pilgrim Ale, while the last-place finishers won the ceremonial Pot Noodle (chicken flavour in 2012) and tin of dog food (and ale!).

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4th UK Wife Carrying Race 2011

UK Wife Carrying Race Photos 2011

The 4th UK Wife Carrying Race took place on Sunday 6 March 2011, featuring a course of around 250m, and including around 10m of acent and descent.

A total of 17 brave couples (including one all-male and one all-female team) competed in 2011, making this the largest ever field assembled for wife-carrying in the UK.

The race was won by Sam Trowbridge (23) and his bride-to-be Nathalie, in a fine time of 1:50.64, just three second outside of the course record.

Thanks to all valiant participants!

3rd UK Wife Carrying Race 2010

Eight couples managed to complete the course - John Lund and his partner broke the course record (despite coming a cropper at the straw bale hazard on the way out) and finished in 1:47.38.

Thanks to everyone who ran/carried/was carried.

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2nd UK Wife Carrying Race 2009

Well, that was fun!

The 2nd UK Wife Carrying Race and the Leith Hill Half Marathon brought competitors to Dorking from across the country and from around the world on Sunday 8 March 2009. The races aid a number of local charities including the Rainbow Trust and Rianna's Fund, and are sponsored by the Pilgrim Brewery in Reigate. The races are also supported by Dorking and Mole Valley Athletic Club. The races take place with the kind permission of the Surrey Wildlife Trust and the National Trust.

In the Wife Carrying Race, six couples (who did not need to be married) raced over a course of around 250m, with a slight incline to the half way point and a 'sprint' back down to the finish. The winning couple, Matt Evans and Jatinder Gill adopted the exotic-looking 'Estonian' hold, and romped home in a new course record of 1 minute and 51 seconds. The winners won their combined weight in beer from the Pilgrim Brewery - a liver-testing 120kg-worth. While the other finishers won themselves beer vouchers, the last couple to finish, Simon Bickerstaff and Louise Piears, won themselves a tin of dog food and a pot noodle.

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(YouTube Video of the UK Wife Carrying Race 2008 thanks to Chris O'C)

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The First UK Wife Carrying Race - 2008

The first UK Wife Carrying Race has been staged in Dorking, on 9th March 2008.

UK Wife Carrying Race 2008 Video (Quicktime, 20Mb)

UK Wife Carrying Race 2008 Photos

Three brave couples took part: Joel Hicks and Wendy Cook, Ian and Kath Phillips, and Kevin Bailey and Kim Lowe. Joel opted for the transverse fireman's carry, while the other two couples went for the classic piggyback. Joel Hicks (a veteran fundraiser who had travelled from Hinkley, Leicestershire, in order to take part) was dressed as a baby, complete with nappy and fetching blue connet.

Joel took an early lead, and hardly slowed down to walk until the climb to the half way high point, whereupon he accelerated away again, leaving the other two couples jostling for second place. Joel - a well-built young gent, to say the least - sprinted home in just 1 minute 59 seconds for the 380m course, although Kevin Bailey was a close-run second in 2:13. Ian jogged in a breathless but happy third, to win the last-placer's Pot Noodle, in 2:30.

At the winner's weigh-in, Joel and Wendy weighed in at an impressive 153kg: the prize money was £1/kg of combined weight. Joel and Wendy kindly suggested that the prize money should be donated to the Rainbow Children's Hospice.

Organised by Conferio Ltd

Epsom, Surrey, UK

wife at trionium dot com