Guidelines for contributors

Thanks for considering making a contribution to Trionium Magazine

Unless agreed in advance, in writing and signed in triplicate, you will not be paid for your contribution. (Sorry!)

Articles will be of interest to your fellow swimmer/cycler/runner/nutter.

Articles should be around 1500 words long, with up to ten photos.

You can be poetic and melifluous, but not boring, insular, repetitive or dull.

News should be no more than 100 words long.

The standard of your English should be as near perfect as you can get it!

Photos should have a very full caption: put in as much detail as you can...make us notice small things!

When you contribute to Trionium Magazine, you sign over the copyright in all text and photos to Conferio Ltd. That's the only way we can do it. (Sorry!)

Do not slag anyone off. Constructive critisism, yes. Slagging, no.

Send all contributions (text and photos) to the following web address (it's a picture so it doesn't get spam).