New Year

Knacker Cracker

New route for 2023

We are no longer able to park at the top of Box Hill.

Park at Denbies Wine Estate (RH5 6AA). Walk/jog/run to the race start in Burford Meadow (shown in red on the map below) - takes five minutes.

Run on the left at all times.

The race finishes at the Old Fort, at the TOP of Box Hill. After the race is over, make your way back to your car at Denbies!

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Please note that the National Trust has stipulated that we are to use the old miliary road (bridleway) to descend and re-climb the Burford Spur (see the dog-leg on the map below), and we are now obliged to avoid the ecologically sensitive Juniper Top area (quite right) and instead we will take the route along the valley bottom ('Happy Valley'). The route to get to the start of the race is in red.

Knacker Cracker Profle

Route description 2023

From the new race start in Burford Meadow, run over the footbridge and ascend the steps to the top of Box Hill. At the top, turn left and passing the grave of Major Labiliere, take a right-hand dogleg to get onto the old miliary road, run to the very bottom of the Burfoot Slope past the old start/finish area: Reascend to pass the Old Fort as in previous years, again on the old miliary road. Cross the road at the marshal's direction, keep to the left hand edge of the car park and use the childrens' adventure path to the path, turning left, and then trend left (do NOT take the right hand fork in the path!) and then a long slight descent to good views of the Zig Zag road and the ruined tower. Turn sharp right at the tower and then take the right and then the left find the steep steps that lead to Juniper Bottom. Turn left down the track at the bottom of the steps to the first drinks station at the car park at Juniper Bottom (don't worry, it will be well-marked):

Turn around (KEEP LEFT!) and ascend along the valley bottom on an ever-steepening rough track to Flint Hill - and at the complicated forest crossroads, take the marked route towards what is now the Smith and Western Bar and Grill, and what used to be The Pilgrim's Rest. Straight over the road, (look out for yourself!), through the woods for 20m and turn sharp right down a very rough track, you will again descend all of the altitude you have previously gained, and at the bottom (now on the south side of the North Downs), after a harpin right hand turn, you will climb back up on very narrow paths. At the top of the path, turn right and after about 200m run around the trig point in front of Solomon's Lookout (water station at the Lookout - drink in the views)! From the lookout, run back down (keep left!) and continue around the top of Box Hill - DO NOT RUN DOWN THE STEPS - run back past the grave of Major Labiliere, an eccentric (possibly syphyllitic) gentleman of Dorking buried head downwards (the 'Mad Major'), carry on for around 100m, then take a right hand turn into the bushes to the Old Fort and the finish.

Virtual Knacker Cracker 2021

12.6km, 285m of ascent and descent

Run on the right at all times - overtake on the left.


Route conists of approx 40% muddy grass, 40% stony tracks and 20% tarmac/concrete.

Route below is colour coded for speed...

Although there will be marshals on the course, runners are responsible for completing the course correctly.

Organised by Conferio Ltd