The Great Millennium Circle


The following links will hopefully be of use to those who attempt the GMC. Please email me if you think that your page(s) should be included in this list.


Streetmap UK

Potentially extremely useful resource for anyone who has lost their maps in a gale, and need to know in what direction to point themselves next. You should be able to use the map references accessable from the GMC's home page to work out where you are, and where you want to go. Good luck.


Walking in Europe

Information on general walking in Britain, with lots of general walking links.


UK Tourist Authority

General information on the UK.


The Ramblers

Excellent resources for general walking in the UK. Good links, lots of useful addresses. For a group with such a poor public perception, these guys are actually quite radical. Anyone attempting the GMC should join the Ramblers as a matter of course: these are the folks defending your rights to roam.


B&B online

Online reservations, real-time rates, availability and instant confirmations for accommodation in the UK.


Youth Hostel Association

This site might be operating, or then again, it might not.


Countryside Commission

The people that care for the countryside (at least in theory).


Ordnance Survey

This is where you can order all your maps


UK Climbing

Resource pages for anyone wanting to do a wee spot of climbing in the UK...


Talgarth Historical Society

The GMC goes through Talgarth, just north of the Black Mountains in the Welsh borders. This fantastic site gives you a pretty thorough coverage of the innumerable ancient sites of interest. Brian Hay, the webmaster, is a v. helpful chap., The Foot Health Network.

You must look after your feet! Here's everything you need to know about your FEET!



A mate of mine, Paul Coleman, is walking from the UK to China, over five years. I had the honour of walking with him on 19 December 2000, for a day. An inspiration.