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Bath Hilly Half - Sunday 19 November 2023


The future of the Bath Hilly Half & Ultra-10k

We are delighted that the Bath Hilly Half & Ultra-10k will continue under new management from 2023 onwards. The combined forces of Team Bath AC and Bathavon Rotary Club will stage the race in the future.

We thank all the marshals, volunteers, helpers, fool on the hill, sweeps, land-owners, farmers and others who have helped stage the race - or allowed it to happen - over the years. Special thanks to Barrie and Jane Crane, who helped originate the race and who have done a lot of the 'heavy lifting' over the years. We couldn't have done it without you all! In the process we raised around £25,000 for charity.

The new race managers have now opened a new website for the race. This website will eventually become moribund (although it will still exist as a memorial to our first ten races!).

We wish the new organisers the best of luck in future years!

Rob McCaffrey - Organiser 2011-2022


10th Bath Hilly Half half marathon and Ultra-10k

11am, 13 November 2022

Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k Results 2022 (if you can only see last year's results, please refresh your screen or dump your cache to see the results)

Quote of the Decade:

Hi Rob, 

As you are stepping down I just wanted to tell you a little story, to let you know why the BHH has been so important to me for the last 10 years and to say a massive thank you. I entered in 2012 having just moved to Bristol and having no idea what I was getting in to, having done a lot of road running and triathlon when living up North and getting a fair few podium finishes…

The day before that first race my engagement ended and I was a bit of a mess, if you remember 2012 it had been raining…a lot! I wondered if the race would even go ahead because of the weather, and I very nearly didn’t go. But I did. Arriving at a race on my own for the first time in my life I was greeted by a friendly (if slightly bonkers) group of people and we got started, I was determined to do well to prove I was ok, and then the up hill started…it was so hard, I couldn’t breathe, everyone else was skipping past me and the thought of failure added to the emotional nonsense. In floods of tears I decided to pull out, I just needed to get to the next marshall and I was done, I had failed. 

I got to the next marshal and got a big smile from him, and I somehow carried on, past the fool on the hill who chased me up that bank, and then to the giant muddy lane (which was much more fun back then!) where I stomped straight through the middle whilst laughing at the princesses trying to go around, and then splashed and slid through the downhill. Through to the next big up, I got given a Jaffa cake (for which I’m fairly sure I declared undying love) and as I struggled to ‘run’, got talking to a couple of new friends and started walking up with them. As we walked up, my perspective started to change, nobody else cared that I was doing this, nobody else cared how long it took me to finish, the only person that was putting that pressure on was me - so why not just enjoy the ride? 

The second lap was like a different event, I took my time where I needed to, I enjoyed the scenery, I chatted to other people and cheered on those coming past the other way. At the finish I was head to toe covered in mud, I had a huge smile on my face, and I didn’t care that it had just taken me over 3 hours to complete the course, I had done it, I had enjoyed the journey, and I had remembered why I run in the first place, for me, not to fulfil anyone else’s expectations.

So, whatever else is happening in my life I have come back each year, to reset, to remember who I am and why I run. Every year I finish with a big smile…although never with quite as much mud as that first time around! 

Thank you for helping me keep my balance, it won’t be the same without you.



Quote of the year 1: "Just to reiterate what I said on Sunday - thanks for such a great job over the last 10 years! Getting the race off the ground at the start, coping through lockdowns and providing the opportunity to run on some amazing trails with great scenery and great company. All the marshals and the Fool have always been brilliant – helpful and encouraging (well apart from the first year (?) when half of us got sent off route across a field towards the very end of the major descent only to re-emerge back on route behind those we’d already overtaken earlier!) We were blessed with great weather again on Sunday but I also remember the quagmire of some previous years, running along the path to North Stoke as a running stream and the knee deep water in the lane after Kelston Round Hill – all added to the fun! Hope to see you on the hills somewhere, maybe even as a runner back on the Hilly Half sometime. Best wishes, Matthew Rose"

Quote of the Day 2: “Many thanks for organising this wonderful event. This was my first time attending, and only the 3rd event I’ve done. It has definitely given me the desire to go and do some more, as well as coming back again next year to have another go. Really well organised, lovely supportive stewards and a great feel about the whole event. I also particularly enjoyed the sing song before the start. Big thanks to yourself and all the team.” Dan Wise

Well, weren't we blessed with fantastic weather!

View longer version (14 mins) of the Bath Hilly Half Movie 2022 - including prize-giving.

You are welcome to use the photos taken on the day as you want!

Bath Hilly half and Ultra-10k 2022

The Bath Hilly Half was voted one of Britain's top ten trail races in 2012
by runners voting at Runner's World

A tough off-road hilly two-lap half marathon (or one-lap 'Ultra-10k*' 12.45km race) with spectacular views throughout...

*Ultra-10k? Well, it's more than a 10k, but not quite a 10M, and it's very tough, so why not call it an Ultra-10k? Yeah!

Please note that the race will not produce t-shirts in 2022, to reduce the environmental impact of the race.

Association of Running Clubs permit ARC22/027 (2022)


"The best half in the south west by a fat margin!"

"Awesome - a classic in the making"

"Amazing race, amazing views, amazing marshals, amazing mud, amazing hills, pretty amazing really!!"

"It isn't half hilly!"

"The best half in Bath!"

"Yet again the best race of the year."

"The best race in the racing year, every year!"

Sorry, iPods/MP3s are not allowed on the course - don't run in a bubble!

All proceeds to local charities

Course records:

Bath Hilly Half: 1:24:53, Jim Webb (31) Team Bath, 2016; 1:37:07, Lizzie Wraith (31) Team Bath, 2016

Bath Hilly Ultra-10k: 48:53, Jared Lindon (27) 2017; 55:34, Nicole Falcaro, 2015

Expect to post a PW (Personal Worst time), unless this is your first half marathon or 12.45km race - then it's PB territory!

The half marathon is 1650 feet down... and 1650 feet back up again...

For your expected finish time, add at least 15% to your PB.

A country course, with stiles, hills, tussocks, rough tracks, more hills, fantastic views and kissing gates (kissing not obligatory)

Five years in the making... a special course that makes the most of the hills and scenery of this part of the West Country!

Thanks to local clubs and runners for their support!

The Bath Hilly Half is not to be confused with the Bath Half Marathon or the Bath Hilly Ten or the Hogweed Hilly Half (an excellent race!)

See the course (or very nearly the definitive course) on Garmin Connect

Bath Hilly Half Panorama



Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k 2020 Cancelled (statement 23 September 2020)

We are very sorry to have to tell our wide community of athletes and supporters that we have taken the tough decision to cancel the 10th Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k 2020.

With the latest lockdown changes, and with the number of Covid cases now increasing exponentially, and with very little prospect of the situation changing for the better any time in the near future, there is now zero prospect of the race getting the go-ahead from the relevant authorities.

In the unlikely event that a go-ahead was received from the authorities, it would always be the case that the event could be closed at any moment, without warning, akin to the near-literal 11th hour cancellation that was forced on the Southampton Boat Show. This would not be in anyone's favour.

Despite the organiser's normal 'no-refunds' policy, the organisers refunded all entry fees.

PS: Government lockdown restrictions meant that the event would have been cancelled, as we had thought.


9th Bath Hilly Half half marathon and Ultra-10k, 11.05am (both races) Sunday 10 November 2019

Results now available (make sure to refresh your browser window/dump your cache/clear your history)

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Bath Hilly Half & Ultra-10k photos on Flickr

After the filthiest weather of all time on the Saturday (while we put the race signage out!) the day of the 9th Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k unexepectedly dawned with blue skies and sunshine. 230 hardy runners assembled on the start line, and immaculately observed the customary two-minute silence for Remembrance Sunday. The deputy mayor of Bath, Manda Rigby, told the runners that, officially, on behalf of the City of Bath, she thought they were all mad. Obviously Manda is a good judge of character. Following the National Anthem, the runners headed off for a circuit of the racecourse before descending on the Cotswold Way down to Weston, back up to the Kelston Round Hill and heading on rough paths to the isolated hamlet of North Stoke. Ultra-10kers did one lap, while those in the Bath Hilly Half did two circuits of the challenging and muddy course. Team Bath registered the highest number of runners, winning the 'Mob Match.'

In the Ultra-10k, the third lady was Linda Baldwin, 34, in 1:05:22, while second was Olivia Bentley, 28, in 1:01:27. Coming first for the ladies, in third place overall, was Freyja Atkinson, 29 in 59:02. For the gents, Nick Parry, 57, of Team Bath, was third, in 1:00:15, and in second was Jordan Toy, 33, in 56:00. In first place was James Woosnam, 50, of Team Bath, in 55:43.

In the Bath Hilly Half, 40 runners went under 2 hours, which was most impressive. Third for the ladies was Natasha Lewis, 27, of Team Bath, with Victoria Ratcliffe, 44, of Somer AC finishing in 1:46:07. However, in first place was the course record holder, Lizzie Wraith, 34, of Team Bath, finishing in 7th place overall, in 1:40:39. For the gentlemen, Christian Brown, 22, was third in 1:37:55, while Michael Milstead, 41, with St Mary's Running and Tri Club, was scond in 1:35:06. Way out in front, however, was David Atkinson, 33, finishing in a sprightly 1:28:33. Impressive!

Thanks to all volunteer marshals and our excellent sweep, Nick Jennings, who ran the whole thing.

Happy birthday to Mark Krzeczunowicz, who turned 60 on the day of the race, and who finished the Bath Hilly Half in 3:48:50!

Comments from runners in 2019:

'Provides the best carrots ever and the race is quite good as well! Yet again the best race of the year. Would sign up for next year on the finish line if I had any energy left. Just the best combination of challenge and enjoyment never disappoints.' Chris D

'The best race in the racing year, every year! Love the bath hilly half. Excellent atmosphere, organisation, course - spectacular views. Plus - you get a beer and a carrot as you cross the finish. What more could you want!?' Tom W

'This event deserves to get more entrants for 5star atmosphere. Loved the well organised yet relaxed atmosphere of the event, the irony of warming up around a racecourse parade ring, use of excellent jockey changing room and facilities. Parking so close too. Can't remember an event I've run that didn't have toilet queues, but this was the case here. But the star of the event is the route - great XC and hill practice, beautiful views, will give your stamina a real good kick start if planning some big events for first half of next year. Oh... and bottle of beer at finish line. Thank you!' James W

8th Bath Hilly Half half marathon and Ultra-10k, 11.05am (both races) Sunday 11 November 2018

MOB MATCH 2018 - Special prize for the club team with the most pre-registered runners - Won by Emersons Green RC (Club Championships) - 19 registered runners!

Please Rate and leave comments on the Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k 2018 (Runner's World) (See runner comments and ratings here).

Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k results 2018 (If you cannot see the 2018 results, please empty your cache/history and refresh your browser window - they are there!).

Photos of the Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k 2018 - for free use - on Flickr

The quick and dirty video of the Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k is now up on YouTube

Quotes of the day 2018:

"Just wanted to say a quick thank you for yet another fantastic race yesterday.  Great Marshalls, great course and fantastic weather. Really pleased to have the fantastic medal back and great t shirt, oh and most importantly the carrot!!
My favourite race of the year, thanks once again." Steve Hurn

"Thank you for a really great day on Sunday. The weather was kind, views spectacular, marshals ever cheerful and encouraging, atmosphere friendly and inclusive and the course as tough as described. I was, I think, the oldest runner by a good margin and my legs are telling me that today, but I would still say that the race is a must for off road enthusiasts!" Helen Kershaw

On 11 November 2018, 100 years to day since the end of the First World War, and in glorious sunshine after days of torrential rain, 270 intrepid runners gathered for the 8th Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k. The assembled runners and spectators observed a sombre two-minute silence. Gerry Rees, president of Bathavon Rotary Club, welcomed the runners, and following a rousing rendition of the National Anthem, they were off! Conditions underfoot were as good as they have ever been, so there were no excuses for tardiness or laggardliness to be had there. The only valid excuses for any reduction in your rate of progress is the fact that this is a hilly course, and that, year on year, we all get a little bit older and a little bit stiffer. Still, we breath still, are able to move our legs and have the freedom to go out and run up and down hills all day if we choose. Together, through running, we gave thanks for our health and for the sacrifice of those that came before us that allows us still to do what we do. It was a great day to be alive.

In the Bath Hilly Ultra-10k, Charlotte Earnshaw was third lady in 1:07:07, Stephanie Moody of Kingswood Tri Club was second in 1:04:46 and first lady home (by two seconds) was Sarah Smith (39) of North Somerset, in 1:04:44 (what a battle that must have been!). For the gents, Nick Parry (56!) of Team Bath was third in 59:09, James Woosnam (49) was second in 59:03, but well out in front, going like a steam train, was James Smith, of RNRM Running, in a somewhat quick 50:37. Phew!

In the Bath Hilly Half, Gina Crane (43) of Yaxley Runners and Joggers was third lady in 2:03:40, second lady was Liz McAllister (39) of Eynesham Road Runners, but first, and welcomed by her young family, was Lizzie Wraith (33) of Team Bath, in a great time of 1:41:50. Check out her very strong running style on this year's video! For the gents, Rob Lawrence (23) was third in 1:35: 36, second was Richard Dowling (33) of Good Gym Race Team in 1:32:26, but in first place was Sebastian Symington (25) in a time of 1:29:06. Very good effort all round!

The race raised a respectable sum for local charities - thanks to all who took part, to Brad and colleagues at the racecourse, and to our amazing marshals!

Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k SPONSORS 2018:


7th Bath Hilly Half half marathon and Ultra-10k, 11.05am (both races) Sunday 12 November 2017

A tough off-road hilly two-lap half marathon (or one-lap 'Ultra-10k*' 12.45km race) with spectacular views throughout...

Well done on all runners in todays cold and muddy conditions. New male course record for the Bath Hilly Ultra-10k from Jared Lindon, of 48:53 (he normally does a 33:40 flat road 10k!).

Big thanks to all helpers and marshals and mega-thanks, as always, to Brian, the sweep and stalwart supporter of the races.

Results now available (make sure to refresh your browser window to see this year's results - they are there!)

Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k Photos 2017 (for free use) - HUGE thanks to TIM FOX-EVANS, ace professional event photographer, Fox-Evans Photography!

Steve Rencontre's fabulous photos of the Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k 2017

Steve Rencontre's amusing photostory ' The Bath Hillybillies' 2017

'Quick and dirty' video of the Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k 2017 (everyone is on it!)

Thanks to the fabulous Kate Humble (who also ran) for presenting the prizes in the Bath Hilly Ultra-10k!


Above: Kate Humble, black top, with winners of the Bath Hilly Ultra-10k race, Bath Racecourse, 12 November 2017 (click on the image for a larger version). For free use - credit to Bath Hilly Half.

Quotes of the day 2017: "Just a quick note to say many thanks for organising. A really great route and lovely bunch of marshals and runners. Couldn’t fault anything. My first time but I am a convert and will be back!" Douglas Watkinson

"Just wanted to drop a line to say that this was my fourth Bath Hilly Half and yet again a great race. It is an event I look forward to every year, it combines the elements of a real challenge and really enjoyable atmosphere. A great route and a really friendly group of runners. As always superb organisation and marshaling. By the way I got a PB this year - must have been all the extra Jaffa Cakes!" Chris Davies

"Thanks again for a great race. It's a fab venue with great views (When you remember to look at it instead of your shoes.) The organisation is always spot on and you get a lovely atmosphere of being organised but friendly and casual. Your marshals need thanking for standing in the cold in remote spots  (I do say it as I pass them!) I've done every race, had to be the 12k last year and I keep coming back. Just a thought that if it's Remembrance Sunday next year can you ask people to tape a poppy to their number? I can guarantee them that it didn't slow me down! Cheers and thanks again."  Matthew Rose

Discussion thread on Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k 2017 (Runner's World)


Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k 2016

Quote of the Day 2016: "Best run of the year - Again!" Chris Davies

On Sunday 13 November 2016, 240 runners in total gathered again for the 6th Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k at Bath Racecourse and at 11.00am there was an immaculately observed 2-minute silence, followed by a rousing verse of the National Anthem. June Player, deputy mayor of Bath, started off the runners at 11.05am, for a hilly, muddy and challenging race in fabulous countryside, with great views and in glorious sunshine.

In the Ultra-10k, third lady home was Louisa Bell in 71:48, second lady home was Francisca Michielsen in 64: 46, while first lady home was Lauren Munro-Bennett of Helm Hill Runners in 57:46. For the gents, Andrew Scott was in third place in 56:03, Ivan Usenko, originally from Ukraine and now running for Bristol and West, was second in 55:12, while first home was a speedy Stephen McCartney in 54:07.

In the Bath Hilly Half, it was a very fast year... For the ladies, Sara Baxter was third in 1:43:40, while in second place was Clair Prosser of Wells City Harriers, beating the old course record and finishing in 1:39:05. However, in first place for the ladies was Lizzie Wraith of Team Bath, setting a new ladies' course rccord of 1:37:07, and beating the old course record by over four minutes. Good effort! For the gentlemen, Iain Porter was third in 1:33:47 and Stan Gruncell of Pac Tri was second in 1:33:02. However, finishing first and setting the new course of 1:24:53 was Jim Webb of Team Bath, who went out like a rocket and led from start to finish.

The organisers would like to thanks everyone involved in making this a brilliant day - including all the happy runners, all the many marshals, the timekeepers, Brian the super-sweep, Rob the Fool-on-the-Hill, the racecourse staff, the local farmers and land-owners and many others. Thanks, and we'll see you next year!

Results for the Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k 2016 (be sure to refresh your browser window to see this year's results)

Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k 2016 photos (some of them are a bit weird, since one of our cameras was seemingly on the blink)

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Women's Running Project Trail video of the Bath Hilly Half 2016

Boots'n'beer - Bath Hilly Half 2015

Bath Hilly Half & Ultra-10k 2015

Sunday 22 November 2015

Great running today everyone! We were lucky with the weather!

Results now up (be sure to refresh your browser window)

New course records for ladies in both the Bath Hilly Ultra-10k and Bath Hilly Half...

Bath Hilly Half & Ultra-10k 2015 video

Hannah's photos of nearly everyone at the Bath Hilly Half & Ultra-10k 2015

Kat Eagle's finish line photos 2015

Steve Rencontre's excellent photos

Steve Rencontre's Bath Hilly Half 2015 photo-story

Please rate and leave comments on the Bath Hilly Half/Bath Hilly Ultra-10k 2015

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Bath Hilly Half and Bath Hilly Ultra-10k 2015 discussion

Thanks to our fabulous marshals!

Great running from athletes in the 5th Bath Hilly Half & Ultra 10k led to two of the course records falling, in near-ideal conditions.

Third lady home in the Ultra-10k (actually 12.45k) was Lisa Hatch in 74:31, seond was Kirsty Norman from Gillingham Trotters in 66:52, while Nicole Falcaro from Central Park Track Club of New York broke the ladies' record by over five minutes and finished first, in 55:34. For the gentlemen, Ivan Usenko of Bristol & West AC was third in 56:50, Malcolm Treby of Team Bath AC was sceond in 55:42, while Herbert Plummer also from Central Park Track Club of New York was first in 55:10, alas a minute and a half outside the men's record for the course. Herbert, you will be welcome back to have another go!

In the Bath Hilly Half, one of the toughest half marathons in the UK, there were further impressive performances. Third lady home was Emma Scott of Calne Smartt in 1:58:48, second was Alison Engeldew of Bristol & West AC in 1:58:22, while Carla Molinaro of Bellahouston RR was first in a new ladies' course record of 1:41:25. For the gents, Richard Jackson-Hookins of Penarth & Dinas was third in 1:34:21 (despite running an extra 1km after ignoring the signage!), Robert Farley of Bitton RR was second, sneaking under one and a half hours by a single second in 1:29:59 (nice one!) and all the way from the North, running for Harrogate Harriers and finishing in first place was John Young, in 1:29:10.

Other notable performances came from Steve Green who hobbled around the course despite a sprained ankle, determined to complete the course again (he did - finishing with his family and dog); and from Janson Maciver, who took a wrong turn (right instead of left) at Prospect Stile at the end of his first lap of the Ultra-10k, and went and accidentally ran his first-ever super-tough half marathon. Bonkers!

Fuzzy Eagle at the Bath Hilly Half 2015 - photo by Steve Rencontre

Mike 'Fuzzy' Eagle by Steve Rencontre

Rebecca Bradley just wants to say...

'What an amazing day Sunday was. My sister and I completed the Ultra 10K and we ‘loved’ it! Our partners ran the Hilly Half. We all agreed that the route was immensely challenging (my other half is a triple Ironman and even he struggled!), some of the hills were so steep you could only laugh, but what a totally stunning course. The weather was more or less perfect, slightly chilly at the end but not actually freezing (until we stopped running). The marshals couldn’t have been more encouraging (thank you all!) and the carrot and beer at the end was brilliant. Despite having completed various triathlons, sportifs and running events in the past, my sister and I are not hard core athletes and this small race could have been somewhat intimidating but everyone was kind and supportive, even the Hilly Half third-placed man yelled encouragement at us as he passed us, muddy legs whirling, towards the end of the course. The singing of the National Anthem was a lovely touch too. It was a great event, thank you!’

Thanks all!

4th Bath Hilly Half and Bath Hilly Ultra-10k 2014

Fantastic running today everyone - thanks for all your kind comments!

HUGE thanks to all the marshals!

Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k results 2014 (make sure to refresh your browser window to see results)

Bath Hilly Half and Bath Hilly Ultra-10K 2014 'fast and dirty' video

Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k photos 2014

Martin Alabaster's great photos of the Bath Hilly Half and Bath Hilly-Ultra-10k 2014 (email him if hi-res required - Martin is not charging but is asking for a small donation to the DEC Ebola Appeal) (Photos available for limited time only)

Bath Hilly Half 2014 Discussion

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Quotes of the day 2014:

"Just a quick email to say thank you very much for organising such a great race today. It was most enjoyable and the atmosphere on the course (provided by the runners, supporters and marshals) was absolutely spot on. I’ve done a few races in the past few months (mostly large, commercial, 10,000+ runners) and I can honestly say - given the choice - I’d choose this one over the others. Thanks again." Toby Holman (Toby, you're welcome!)

'Just a quick email to say thanks! Today was brilliant! A beautiful course, great support, fantastic atmosphere and probably the best organised running event I have completed! I will see you again next year ' Craig Hillier

'Just to say, great race on Sunday, everything I expected and more: It made the trip over from South Wales worth it, long may it continue. That was my 45th Half and 12th for this year and this beats the rest of them hands down. I look forward to next year's race!' Matt Creed

Thanks again to Rob Dickson, the Fool on the Hill, and to Brian - Sweep and Mega-Marshal!

3rd Bath Hilly Half and Bath Hilly Ultra-10k 2013

Well done everyone for running the race... the mud! The mud!

HUGE thanks to all our fabulous marshals!

Thanks to Rob Dickson of Southville RC - the Fool on the Hill.

"Fantastic but brutal hilly race" Oliver Christmas - 2013

On Sunday 24 November 2013, the third running of the Bath Hilly Half Marathon took place, starting at Bath Racecourse. The race was augmented this year with the first staging of the Bath Hilly Ultra-10k, a very tough 12.45Km one-lap version of the two-lap Bath Hilly Half.

In the first-ever Bath Hilly Ultra-10k, Sian Dudman was third lady home in 69:29, Alison Wood was second in 66:44 while Sarah Smith of North Somerset AC set the ladies' course record by coming home first in 62:58. Among the men, Iain Whitaker was third home in the Ultra-10k with a finishing time of 1:00:15, Trelawney Wylie of Larkfield AC was second in 57:54 and Ben Holliss (28) was first home in convincing style in 53:38, setting the men's course record in the process. The organisers were very pleased that the Ultra-10k was well received and greatly enjoyed by runners in its first year: as one said, 'Great fun yesterday, a perfect intro to an ultra race,' and another commented 'Thanks for a brilliant day. I really enjoyed that run!'

In relatively good conditions (certainly compared to the Biblical floods and mud of the previous year), there were many fast times in the Bath Hilly Half. Second placed lady in a fast time of 1:49:47 was Menucha Knebel, while the first lady home was local girl Lizzie Wraith of Team Bath AC, in 1:48:03.Third man home - and looking very fresh - was Alex Smith of BAD Tri in 1:34:34, second home was Damian Hall of Corsham in 1:32:27, but smashing the course record by just over five minutes and finishing in an amazing time of 1:26:03 was City of Salisbury runner Robert Mann. As experienced runner Yvonne Williams says, "You feel, you've achieved something when you finish this one. Make sure you are fit enough: It's not a novice race.' Race veteran Aidan Bent put it perfectly, "Loads of fun but as tough as they come."

Bath Hilly Half and Ultra 10k results 2013 (make sure you refresh your browser window to see results)

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Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k video 2013

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Race instructions 2013

Sean Parry's race write-up

James Gardner's race write-up (11th of 12 half marathons 'in a year'...) and James Gardner's video of the Bath Hilly Half 2013

2nd Bath Hilly Half 2012

11am Sunday 25 November 2012

"The goat was a great comedic touch" Caren 2012

Great race - thanks to everyone who took part and special thanks to all the marshals!

Tim Lebbon's Bath Hilly Half Race Write-up

Bath Hilly Half Results 2012 (make sure to refresh your browser page to see this year's results!)

Bath Hilly Half 2012 Video (YouTube)

Bath Hilly Half 2012 Photos 2012 (special thanks to Richard Rhodes!)

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Discussion 2012

What Les Croupiers said..

Inaugural Bath Hilly Half 11am Sunday 27 November 2011

Well done to everyone who took part in 2011 - MEGA thanks to all the marshals!

"Must be the only half-marathon with Morris Dancing and free beer."

Results (make sure you refresh your browser to see results)

Photos - the good ones from Hannah - mega photographer!

Rate the race

See runner ratings/comments 2011

Runner's World discussion on this race

Winners 2011: The West Country

What the runners said in 2011 (selected comments from Runners' World):

Tough course with fantastic scenery. Views of Bath and Bristol from the hills.

Fantastic race. The hills were a killer but the clue is in the name! Fantastic scenery and organisation. The wrong route would actually have made a better route, maybe next year the race should be run that way. It avoids the very steep descent on tarmac. Otherwise excellent all round. Beautiful photography!

Great challenging route but disliked the hill on the road we had to do twice. 'Small' Tshirt huge on a slim woman - as usual, my partner gets one for the gym!

Lung bustingly good, up and down then up and down again.. ouch.

Great way to spend a Sunday: Very tough but wonderfully enjoyable.Trail shoes are needed or,just like me you will be slip sliding away. I was on that went the wrong way how we got back on track within minutes was a miracle. Very good value, lovely medal and t shirt and the cool bottle of stella at the end was great finishing touch,pardon the pun.

Beautiful scenery well run. Even a mountain goat would think twice!

I was woefully underprepared for how hard it would be, great race though. I do this again in a heartbeat.

Beautiful scenery and well worth doing if you want a challenge. Not advised for beginners though!

Fantastic setting on a glorious day compensated for the hard work climbing up the hills. A good first effort from the organisers.

A challenging half marathon in a very pretty part of the world. This run is worth a try. A good combination of on and off road with plenty of climbing and decending. A challenge to any runner bored of the usual round the town and back race.

My 1st half marathon. Loved it! Brilliant fun, facilities, scenery, mud & wonderful Marshalls. A crumbling wrinkly running [?!] at the back I appreciate the opportunity to take part in events like this. Thankyou everyone.

Great views. steep hills. more steep hills. more great views.

Running's very own bunga bunga party

Well worth the 5 year wait!

Tough - but totally awesome! This was my first off-road race and I absolutely loved it! The scenery was amazing and well worth all the ascents. The course is off-road, so there are no spectators - except for occasional passersby. But the truly enthusiastic marshals totally made up for it and cheered you on! I didn't mind at all the little extra half mile (I actually didn't realise this until people mentioned it); it was just a pleasure to run that part - as were all the others!

I hope the event will take place again next year! Never has such pain brought such pleasure. My first half marathon and absolutely loved it. A really fun and varied course with each challenging section requiring lots of concentration - this really helped the miles slip by. And what views on a sunny November morning. Perfect. Thanks to the organizers and marshals.

Fantastic race ! Excellent job Dr Rob and the marshalls! As the title says,HILLY! This tough race has everything a cross race should have,the tougher the better! I loved a good challenge and Dr Rob always finds the best.Cannot wait for the next Trionium race,they are the best.Keep up the good work!

had 'Champion the wonder horse' music playing in my head as we set off at a fair gallop on the racecourse, by the end of the first furlong before the proper race started I was puffed! It was brilliant though...particularly once you'd finished!! The scenery was glorious. It helped that the weather was a non normal November morn...I love Dr Robb's random races, and what's more I now love his mother-in-law. She is a little loathe to partake in the union jack shorts herself, but I feel she would give it a go. She made the best cuppa at the end. A great feel good day - glad I did it under my Midsummer Munro time, but it was rather challenging!!!

Beautiful scenery, tough hills, muddy tracks, friendly, carrots at finish - what more could you ask for? Great race, generally very well organised, (except the marshals who decided some of us were having it too easy, so sent us off on a 1km - 2km detour, but at least it gives us an excuse for our times). Using jockeys' changing rooms gave everyone a chance to weigh in and somewhere warm to wait for the start. Free tea and coffee, entertainment from the lady morris dancers and National Anthem, all gave us a great start.

Beautiful course, which I could see when I occasionally managed to look up from trying to keep on my feet and struggle up the hills. Super atmosphere - really friendly and encouraging - with every Marshall cheering you on and telling you how well you're doing. At the finish, free beer, carrots, t-shirt with everyones' names, jaffa cakes....

Dr. Rob creates another classic race. Aside from a marshal directing most of the field the wrong way near the turn around point the organisation was, as usual, very good. The fine weather meant for perfect running conditions but be advised trail shoes are mandatory on this course with aggressive grip required if the conditions are worse next year. All in all a great race.

This race is Hard, But very enjoyable. It was my first half marathon and all the stewards and other runners were amazingly supportive. The views during the race are wonderful but the ground is pretty risky so spent a lot of time looking down

Awesome - a classic in the making

Must be the only half-marathon with Morris Dancing and free beer. A beautiful course with marvellous views and the usual encouragement from the trionium marshals. Brilliant facilities at the start, the weighing-in scales were an interesting touch. The extra loop at the bottom of the hill added a few minutes, but no harm done. Overall, it was a beautiful course and the views off the top made all the climbing worthwhile. Off-road shoes are a must for next time though, some of the paths were very slippy.

Amazing race, amazing views, amazing marshals, amazing mud, amazing hills, pretty amazing really!!

How the hell did I get mud there! Dr Rob and his team have provided yet again another event which leaves me in no doubt that I need some therapy! I must be mental to put myself through the pain time and time again but always leave in some degree of satisfaction of my achievements.

Tough, friendly, satisfying, glorious... and tough

They certainly didn't lie! There was plenty of warning that this was going to be a hard race, and they were not kidding. The ascents were challenging, the descents were steep and the majority of it on very muddy and/or rocky ground. Forget trying for a PB, it is just not going to happen on this course. Instead enjoy it for the run that it is. The organisation was excellent, and the support from the marshalls was fantastic, just what was needed and at the right time. The second lap did not seem to be as bad as the first, probably because I knew what to expect instead of it all being a lovely surprise. The carrot at the end was the icing on a wonderful cake. Thank you very much for a great run.

Beautiful scenery, great atmosphere & pretty challenging. Sweet race,but you'd do well to ignore the advice about road shoes and bring a pair of proper trail shoes.

Absolutely loved it! Very lucky with the weather of course, showing off the incredible scenery. Loved the course, and the lack of mile markers (so refreshing!), and challenging myself in a first off-road race, and the small size etc etc. And galloping round the race track on the final stretch.. and the end of race goodies (beer and carrots - genius!) Thanks so much - had a superb day.

Loved it. Damned hard though.............Got diverted at the beginning so ended up running an extra 1.3km, which I felt at the end!!! But a fabulous run. Well organised. Beautiful. Friendly. Definitely going to be a fixture on my running calendar.

Well organised challanging hilly half, great route and mix of topography and surfaces. Full marks to the organising team as well as the excellent post race food.

Add in muddy and it's all in the title. A fabulous clear sunny day made the most of spectacular views. Everyone was very friendly and apart from one slight bottleneck near the start on the racecourse it was easy to run. I was quite glad of the marshalling error as it avoided having to run down the very steep tarmac road twice - so thanks, Marshal - and we all found our way back to the right place. Also a special cheer for the Joker marshal who was a star all day. Racecourse made a great base and the beer and jaffa cakes made me smile. Only suggestion for improvement: the advice that road shoes would be fine was misplaced and I felt sorry for a couple of people I saw slipping around helplessly on very greasy tracks.

Mud, hills, & carrots. The inaugral Trionium Bath Hilly Half Marathon is muddy mad mayhem. 13.75 miles at an average 7:38/mi, 2723ft of ascent, 1483 calories burnt, and finished in 5th place with a time of 1:45:01 Geddin there!!!

Not bad for a 42 year old bloke who only gave up smoking a couple of years ago... But, oh, my poor aching feet. I think my off road shoes must have shrunk as I have big man-size blisters under the arches of both feet & on the ends of several toes. I may well have another crack at this next year - as long as they still give you a carrot along with a medal & a t-shirt at the end of the race!!!

My first off-road half. I may never do another on tarmac! The organisation was great apart from the unfortunate marshalling error. I felt really sorry for her as she was obviously gutted. The scenery was fabulous, the marshals were very supportive, especially the guy with the hat at the top of the hill, and there were crisps at the end. I can't do sweet things after a race, but often that's all that's on offer. My only quibble is the 'small' tee shirt, which is obviously a men's small, whereas I 'm a (very) small female. This is a common issue - I just wish if they're only doing man size tee-shirts they'd go down to an x-small. They managed it at Kielder!! Over all I loved it.

Beautiful views, friendly atmosphere -well worth the effort!

The best half in the south west by a fat margin! Congrats to the organisers, Dr Rob and all involved. A fantastic race, even with the bonus element... 13.7 miles and 1700 ft ascent by my watch, but on a glorious day. I heard someone winge about the extra distance at the end, perhaps they stick to the bath flat half in future! Will be back!

Great fun, looking forward to next year. Forget the extra half mile, it was a great race, really challenging and muddy- I loved it!

There was a fantastic atmosphere throughout, I cannot wait for next year!

A brilliant race. I 'm not sure how the organiser does it. To get changing facilities, a brilliant course, loads of great, happy marshalls, lots of water stations, jelly babies, a cool medal, a technical T with my name on it, a beer, jaffa cakes and a carrot for £25 is just stunning. One marshall did send some people the wrong way but it is the first year of the race so there is bound to be one or two teething problems. Overall, a first class race.


Great Debut for the Bath Hilly Half!!! Lets be fair the clue is in the title with this one, and as we drove to the start at Bath Racecourse up some super steep hills you knew exactly what you had signed up for!!! Great organisation, yes there was a marshaling error, yes I was one of those that ran the extra bit, did it cost me time and places? Yes, do I care no!!!! Trail running isn't about times and places (unless your likely to finish 1st!) its about that big smiley face feeling you get running up and down ludicrous hills, slipping about in the mud and getting blown around on the ridges!!! Plus it was the first run of this race so you expect some teething problems! And it made my second lap a lot shorter, big thumbs up!!!! I would recommend this to anyone, although its not to be underestimated you need some serious training under your belt!! If its been wet the week before, trail shoes are an absolute must, it was very muddy and very slippy in places and the terrain, especially the rutted farm track, was pretty challenging. Fantastic marshals the whole way round, well done to the Jester man who had the worst spot to marshal at, but he was still very enthusiastic despite being there for hours. Great tech T-shirt at the end, with your name on it, unique chunky medal, and brilliant facilities with HOT showers. Well worth the 2hr trek from Birmingham. All in all 11/10, great job Trionium, please run it again next year (when I am not, hopefully, recovering from injury!!)

Tremendous debut for this event: awesome scenery, excellent facilities (loos, showers, food, beer). Some novel touches - morris women, start and finish on the racecourse. Sparse but vocal support, good marshalling. HEFTILY RECOMMENDED. It has found out muscles and bits that have been dormant for months, but this was a really special event. I was never going to be near the front, but thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing, even the bits where I - and quite a few others - were reduced to walking. With start/finish at the racecourse grandstand, we had access to working loos, showers, changing rooms; and 2 imported attractions: a good organic fast food bar and a female morris side (morrissettes?) The course was difficult without being silly: it took us up and down just over 800m by my garmin (which also tells me we did more like 13.7 miles). More to the point, it took us to two breathtaking vantage points. Kelston Round hill was as good as it gets in the SW surely? One little stretch of dull suburbia was also the only place where marshalling went a bit thin; the rest of the time they were encouraging smiley folk, well supplied with water and jelly babies. I didn't get the Trionium trademark carrots at the finish, but there were crisps, flapjack and a choice of water or Stella (not a choice really IMHO). One of those events where, despite the pain, you find yourself smiling most of the time. Came away with a limp, a quality t-shirt and medal, and, after a restorative pint, a determination to return.

It's tough but the clue's in the name! Lot's of positive points about this event. It's a lovely area to run in, challenging course, good T Shirt and medal and carrots at the end! On the whole well organised shame there was a marshalling error that led a lot of people the wrong way. I was glad I 'd run the course in training so took the correct route. Felt a bit sorry for the marshall concerned she looked really upset. The marshalls were encouraging on the way round thanks to all involved. If it's on next year I 'd like to come back to try and beat this years time!

Sent the wrong way on first lap, but that was good as extra miles will add to my general strength! Organisation, marshalls and event both excellent and friendly. Personally I could have done without the national anthem as didn't like hanging around in the cold breeze.... but apart from that great morning out. Will do again next year if on.

10/10 Excellent. Excellent course, organisation, marshalls and supporters made this a great race, weather was perfect and a nice setting for start/finish. Some were sent on a slight detour on the first lap, but thats all part of off road running and gives us a chance of a pb next year. Everything excellent, especially liked the chance to sing our National Anthem, well done to all.

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