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My name is Aoife O’Neill and I’m looking into finding a crew to do this race in 2020. I’m a fit, athletic physiotherapist. I used to play semi pro tennis so have a decent level of fitness. I run a few 5km’s regularly, go to the gym and can easily do a 40 km walk in a day (I did the camino this Summer gone and we walked 40 km most days for 5 days and I didn’t find it too bad). I did a half Ironman in 7 hours in 2013. Obviously I’d train a bit more if I knew something was coming up.
I have my competent crew in sailing, I completed it in the Solent in 2015 and I have done a little sailing but as I live in Limerick I can’t do much regular sailing. So I’m very rusty, but strong physically, mentally and conscientious. I’m keen on adventure, would love to be part of a sporty team again, its been a while, and I’d like to get that adrenaline rush you get when all hands on deck so to speak are working towards a goal. I’m fairly responsible but enjoy a good laugh and I think I’d be a great team member. I’d pull my weight, definitely run one mountain peak and otherwise be well up for the race. Contact Aoife:

Jelle Christiaens says: "The mixed disciplines to be performed in the rough nature of Ireland coastlines sounds like a perfect experience to me. I am a 36 years old Belgian who is currently living in London. I am a very passionate wintersporter where I am mainly focusing on tour-skiing / winter-mountaineering. Around +35 days during winter you can find me in the Alps where I will be hiking/climbing mountains where after I ski down them. During summer months I maintain my cardio by running, swimming and (wind)-surfing. I have thus an appropriate fitness level to participate in all the running and bike challenges. I am a team player with a flexible attitude and not shy to run an extra mile if needed. I have been an adventurous traveller the last two decades so I have quite some different experience behind me. I do not have much experience in sailing, but do have a couple of sea-legs and feel confident on open waters. If needed I am willing to do an extra course or training to be fully ready for the sailing part and be the perfect deckhand." Contact Jelle at