Midsummer Munro

'The hardest half'

Box Hill, Mickleham, Surrey, UK

TIPS/Race instructions

These are your final instructions for the Midsummer Munro half marathon on Sunday 1 July 2018, starting at 8am at the Old Fort, at the TOP of Box Hill (KT20 7LB)l.

You will not receive anything in the post.

WARNING! This race is incredibly tough, the toughest in Britain. Take it easy!
Top tip: run the slopes, walk the stairs.
Pace yourselves - leave some for the second half.

There is no time cut-off for the race... your total elapsed time, in many ways, is immaterial: Just to finish is to triumph.

If you can't run - please marshal!

Many marshals are needed to bring the race to a successful conclusion. If, for any reason, you can't run, please consider marshaling - it's the next best thing to running (actually, possibly better!). If you have relatives or friends coming to support you, they can take part as well. Please contact me direct at rob@trionium.com. Marshals are requested to arrive for the marshals briefing at 7am!

Much more information, including the course maps and description, how to get there and spectator information, is on the race web site, at http://www.trionium.com/mm.

Please arrive at the race start at least 40 minutes before your race start, to collect your race number (you do not need to bring any paperwork - just yourself).

You do not need to buy a ticket to park at the National Trust car park - this is included in your race fee.

There are toilets at the race start itself. However, please do yourself a favour and go before you come (if you can).

There are no changing facilities at the race start. We will have an area where you can drop your bag - don't leave anything of particular value in there. You can drop your car keys with us when you collect your race number.

The Midsummer Munro starts at 8am - sharp.

This is a new version of the course. You are strongly urged to familiarise yourself with the new course using the course desciption and maps on the event web site. Prime things to know: you will now climb to Juniper Top from the bottom of the hill, and you now have to descend and re-climb the Burfoot slope before you finish. The course is significantly harder than in previous years.

Please run on the left at all times. Since this is an out-and-back course, you will be passing a lot of other runners going the other way (even if you are in the lead, or last). PLEASE give all runners maximum encouragement - you are all in this crazy race together. Headphones are banned for this very reason - do us all a favour - don't run in a bubble!

Please give any Picnic marathoners your maximum encouragement, since they are doing twice your distance!

Ordinary trainers are perfectly good enough to complete this race - studs and spikes are banned (and aren't necessary anyway).

Keep to the pathways at all time. Please desist from spitting - or at the very least, make sure it is well away from other runners!

Watch where you put your feet: the tracks we are using are uneven. Twisted ankles, tumbles and cuts are not unknown. In case of any accident or emergency, the next marshal should be within 1km of you (either in front or behind), so send a runner to get help. In any emergency, marshals will call through to a central number, and we will organise assistance.

There are water stations every 2 miles or so. There will be sweets and things at the water stations. You do not need a Camelbak or similar - do yourself a favour and leave it at home!

Please do not litter the course - drop cups, gel packets (including the top of the gel packets) etc only at the water stations - thanks! (Every year we find empty gels littering the course - please don't do it!)

If you want a time at the end, show us your running number. No visible number, no time!

Remember to smile. And please thanks our marshals - the best in the world!

There will be a free picnic at the end for all participants, including the traditional Trionium carrots.

Results, video and photos will be up on the web site after the race.

Good luck with the race - I hope you have a great day!

Rob, race director