Midsummer Munro

'The hardest half'

Spectator information

The race is an 'out and back' - it finishes where it starts, so that you will see everyone twice.

Location Time range (out) Time range (return)
Start/finish - Burfoot slope 4 pm 5.40-7.30
Stepping stones 4.05-4.15 5.30-7.00
Box Hill Lookout 4.15-4.30 5.25-6.30
Smith and Western Pub 4.30-5.00 5.10-6.20
Juniper Top (' touch me tree') 4.35-5.10 5.05-6.30
Juniper Bottom (car park) 4.45-5.30 4.55-5.50
Downs Road (half way) 4.50-5.30 4.50-5.30

The race starts at 4pm - first finisher is expected back at around 5.40pm. Last finisher is expected at around 7.30.

Please give all runners your maximum vocal/musical support - this is, after all, the hardest half marathon in Britain!

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