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No gimmics - just distance and hills!

Our sailing trip to run the Alderney Half Marathon - 7 minute video

Trionium races

The Knacker Cracker 10k

1 January 2016

The Leith Hill Half Marathon

6 March 2016

The UK Wife Carrying Race

6 March 2016

The Midsummer Munro half marathon

25 June 2016

The Picnic Marathon

Picnic Marathon logo

25 June 2016

The Greensand Marathon & Greensand Half

Greensand Logo

9 October 2016

Bath Hilly Half & Ultra-10k

22 November 2015

All of the Trionium races (and the Ashtead 10k) were named in Runner's World 2014 Top 50 best races in the UK listing (February 2015), apart from the Greensand Marathon, which should have been included at around position 20, but which was erroneously left out of the list. D'Oh!

In 2014, the Knacker Cracker was in 38th place, Ashtead 10k (30th), Bath Hilly Half (26th), Midsummer Munro (23rd), The Picnic (22nd) and the Leith Hill Half was in 9th place. Thanks to all our appreciative voting runners!

The Trionium races seen above have donated £40,503.92 to charity since the first Knacker Cracker race on 1 January 2004 (to 31 January 2015).

New event: The Man v Bike Experiment


Trionium races are permitted by the Association of Running Clubs (ARC)

Trionium-associated races

Run to live events - Bookham 10k, Surrey Tempest, Surrey Spitfire, Denbies 10m, 5k & 2k, Surrey Badger, Bacchus half and full marathon...

The Ashtead Dash (and fun run)

Ashtead 10k + 2k Fun Run

20 September 2015

Leatherhead Firestation 10k

Next race 2015

The Surrey Hills Society aims to promote the protection and enjoyment of the Surrey Hills. We enjoy the hills, and we think that they should be protected too!

Other worthy races...

'Top 100 toughest races in the world....'

The Challenge Hub - including 24-hour and 50-mile challenges

This is definitely worth a look (YouTube video)

Saab Solomon Hellrunner - various dates

The G3 race series (etc) January
Hestercombe Humdinger (February, UK)
Grizzly (mid-March)
Orion 15 (March, Chingford)
Steyning Stinger (March - a classic!)
Three Forts Marathon (end of April)
Green Belt Relay (early May)
Fellsman (2nd w/e in May)
The Hurt (July)
UK Ironman (August)
Sierre-Zinal (31k, August, Alps)
Race the Train (August, Wales)
Berlin Marathon (September)
Shere 40k (September)
Folkestone Half (end September)
Surrey Badger (September)
Beachy Head Marathon (end of October)
Snowdonia Marathon (end of October)
Loch Ness Marathon (start of October)
Brocken Marathon (October, Germany)
Talybont Trial (October)
Hankley Hustle (October, Surrey)
Everest Marathon (November)
Marlow Half Marathon (first week of November)
Sodbury Slog (mid-November)
New York Marathon (November)
Bath Hilly Half (end of November)
Round Rotherham (80k, December)
Naked Runs (including Naked Ambition, UK, May)

Let us know if you think that any other races/events should be included!

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