Ashtead Running Group is a small group of friends that run at a pace of 7.5-8.5 minutes per mile, running mainly off-road and exploring the countryside around Ashtead in Surrey. We are always pleased to welcome runners on our wild canters across the downs and along the muddy footpaths and bridleways.

We run in the rain and the snow, in hail and in heat - we run in sunshine and in the dark. As they say in Norway 'Det er ingen darling vaer, bare darling klaerner.' There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!

If you would like to join us on a run, please call Rob on 01372270130 (evenings) or 01372 840951 (daytime) or Phil on 01372 276224 to arrange a place to meet.

If we are faster than your preferred pace, we strongly urge you to join the local running club in Ashtead - Run to Live Running Club: they have groups of all speeds and abilities, from complete beginners onwards.

Our local charity is Rianna's Fund

Ashtead Running Group and the Ashtead 10k which it organises has donated over £10,000 to local charities since its inception on 26 October 2004.

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Run to Live RC also runs in Ashtead



Next ARG Events :

Ashtead 10k and Fun Run


ARG is an informal group of runners that meets every Tuesday evening for a run, rain or shine, light or dark.

ARG was founded back in October 2004 and is a group of friends, rather than a club, so there are no fees to pay and no paperwork. ARG is affiliated to RunEngland.

We organise the Ashtead 10keach September to benefit Rianna's Fund. The race has been named as one of Britain's top five 10k races, and - according to us at least - is Britain's 'Greenest race.' The Ashtead 10k has donated at least £14,050.00 to charity (since we started counting, and including the 2018 race).

Ashtead Running Group meets every Tuesday night, at the front entrance to the Woodman Pub, and leaves for its run at 7.30pm - sharp! We run at about 8 minutes per mile, off road, up and down hills, in mud and puddles and in all weathers (admittedly, it's not for everyone!).

In the winter we encourage all runners to wear light coloured/reflective colours.

The first Tuesday of each month is 'pub night' where we go and have a pint after the run (at the Woodman).

In the summer we try and have a few 'away days' where we go and run somewhere else!

The group is very friendly, and you will discover pathways you never dreamed existed!

We have been known to move sheds for beer.

Come and join us for a run and some fun!


Contact: Robert McCaffrey Tel (+44) 1372 840951, arg at trionium dot com

Local races:

Tadworth 10 mile (Epsom Downs, January)

The Perch 10k (Nonsuch Park, January)

Valentines 10k (Chessington, mid-February)

Dorking 10 mile (Dorking, June)

Epsom 10k (Epsom, June)

Surrey Badger (Leatherhead, September)

Bacchus Marathon (Dorking, September)

Trionium races (various races throughout the year in Mole Valley)