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NEWSFLASH 16 February 2018 - Sasseknackered becomes third team to enter the ISAMAC

John Coombes, skipper of Beneteau Oceanis 37 'Hope' is the third skipper to enter for the ISAMAC 2018. Experienced skipper John (who has 15 years as an owner, 12,000nm of skipper experience (3000nm solo) and was an entrant in the Scottish Islands Peaks Race in 2011), has brought together a strong crew of a certain vintage, "who quite frankly should know better." The crew "gather every year for adventures on and off the water with variable success," and will be on the start line in June to contest for the 'All-rounders' prize - along with the first two teams to enter. As well as experienced skipper John, the crew is made up of Andy and Simon Erritt (hailing from Northern Ireland) who are the running core with a number of marathons between them, Rob Harrison - an experienced sailor - and Peter Munro-Lott, the navigator and coordinator of the south-of-England based team. As Peter says, “We’ve been doing ‘challenges’ together for the last eight years or so: We try and do a challenge every year, mostly on the water (Scottish Islands Peaks Race etc) but we did do a land-based quadrathlon in Scotland in 2016 which hurt way too much. We did contemplate sailing across from Cornwall in 'Hope,' but life has got in the way so we're hiring a boat out of Kinsale with Sovereign Sailing. Our average age is around 54."

Well, however you get there, and however old you are, welcome aboard - and good luck!


NEWSFLASH 8 February 2018 - Team Ocean Eagles completes reconnaissance of bike route to Carrauntoohil

Tom Murray and team mate Gerry Crowley have completed a reconnaissance of the cycle stage from Templenoe Pier to the Lack Road (at the foot of the climb to Carrauntoohil). Tom says, “It’s a great route with amazing scenery, and a tough climb up to the top of the Ballaghbeama Gap. The roads, while single track for a good part of the route, are in excellent condition by Irish standards.”

“We did the route [there-and-back] with an on-the-bike time of 3 hours and 50mins. This does not include times stopped for looking at maps, eating etc. We tracked it on our GPS and made it out to be 63km. Total ascent was 702 metres, with the first leg [from Templenoe to the foot of the hill] accounting for 408m and the balance, 294m, on the return journey which was easier. If you have to climb Carrauntoohil as well, the legs will certainly know about it on the way back to the boats!”

Nice one lads!


NEWSFLASH 30 January 2018 - Rules clarifcation

All-rounder teams must put ashore at least 2 runners, but may put ashore up to 4 runners for the mountain stages (on the basis that having more than two runners is not a speed advantage) and may put ashore the entire crew of 5 to run the Mount Brandon ridge, on the basis that the yacht will be securely tied-up in Dingle Marina; The time taken for each land-leg will be the time for the final two runners to finish the leg.

Runners' teams will put ashore only two runners for each of the land-legs.


NEWSFLASH 29 January 2018 - (Background) Preparations underway...

The first batch of orders for the ISAMAC race's Yellow Brick trackers has been submitted.

Flights have been booked for international competitors coming from the US and UK to attend the race.


NEWSFLASH 11 January 2018 - Changes to rules

Following discussions with prospective skippers, the following rule changes have been instituted for safety and for the increased enjoyment of the race by crews:

Engine power may be used in the final approach to the anchorage at Templenoe, and on departure;

On the ridge route to Mount Brandon, Cnoc Bhaile Ui Shé (623m) must be ascended on the route to An Gearan (803m), and on the return leg as well.


NEWSFLASH 10 January 2018 - Crew-members looking for boats

The following are looking for boats: please contact them directly and let me know if they have agreed to take part (so that we can take them off this list).

We can't vouch for their skills/abilities, sorry! (Richard Kirby) (Denise Cummins) (Nathanael Booker and Fiona) (both very strong runners) (Laura May Williams)



Robert McCaffrey, organiser of the race and also race entrant (paying the same as any other crew) has become the second 'all-rounder' entrant to the ISAMAC:

"I wanted to do the Irish equivalent of the Scottish Islands Peaks Race (SIPR) and Three Peaks Yacht Race (3PYR), and when I discovered that there wasn't one, I decided to organise it myself. My twin brother Lewis is flying from New York to be a part of our crew, which should be fun. It'll be a challenge - but it will be an adventure never to be forgotten!"


Stuart Aikman (stalwart sailor, doughty runner, solid as a rock, SIPR, 3PYR)
Dennis Earl (AKA ‘the greyhound,’ smiles through the hardest of times - just as well, SIPR, 3PYR)
Robert McCaffrey (skipper, SIPR, 3PYR)
Lewis McCaffrey (twin brother, strong sailor, improving runner, general all-round mountain-man, flying from the US for the race)
Kate Standeven (sailor, powerful mountain-runner, boundless energy and good humour, excellent in the galley, SIPR, 3PYR)



Tom Murray - Team Ocean Eagles - is the first (ever) skipper to enter the ISAMAC!

As Tom says, "Our 'all-rounder' team is comprised of myself as Skipper and we will be doing at least one of the peaks each: The team is Gerry Crowley, Mountain Guide cyclist and adventure racer; Susan Steele, endurance athlete, marathon runner; John Murray, long distance runner and endurance athlete; and my son Jack Murray, trainee deck officer, runner and navigator. Love the idea of the race and we formed a team!

Who's next?!